Can I Tow a Travel Trailer with a Jeep Wrangler? A Jeep Camping Guide

The great outdoors and a Jeep Wrangler just seem to fit so perfectly together.  Towing a travel trailer with a Jeep Wrangler into those great outdoors seems like to perfect fit.  When setting out to purchase my first travel trailer, my 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimed Sport would have to tow it.

The most basic answer to the question, Can I tow a travel trailer with a Jeep Wrangler is YES!  But!  As previously mentioned, the Jeep Wrangler is one of the first vehicles which comes to mind when we think of the outdoors.  The Jeep Wrangler is a great vehicle for taking on rough terrain, steep inclines, and slick roads but can experience some issues regarding towing.  With a maximum towing capacity of a 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon comes in a 3,500 lbs.  As we look at available travel trailers on the market today we can see how the lower towing capacity will limit our choices when it comes to choosing a travel trailer which falls below this maximum towing capacity.

Jeep Towing Accessories

A Jeep Wrangler can still be a vehicle capable of great RVing.

How much can a Jeep Wrangler tow?

The Jeep Wrangler shows several different maximum towing capacities depending on the trim and configuration of the particular vehicle.   For example, a 2017 Jeep Wrangler, 2 door Sport with a 3.6L engine, manual transmission and a 3.21 axle ratio lists a maximum towing capacity of 2,000.  If you have a 2017 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, 4 door Sahara Model with a 3.6L engine, automatic transmission and a 3.73 axle ratio you would find you have a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 lbs.

Most recently manufactured Jeep Wranglers fall into two primary categories of maximum towing capacities.  Most of the Jeep Wranglers list a maximum towing capacity of 2,000 while others max out at 3,500 lbs.

 ModelEngineTransmissionAxleMax Trailer WeightMax. Tongue Weight
20172 Door Sport3.6 LManual3.212,000 lbs200 lbs
20172 Door Sport3.6 LManual3.733,500 lbs350 lbs
20172 Door Sport3.6 LAutomatic3.212,000 lbs200 lbs
20172 Door Sport3.6 LAutomatic3.733,500 lbs350 lbs
20172 Door Sahara3.6 LManual3.212,000 lbs200 lbs
20172 Door Sahara3.6 LManual3.733,500 lbs350 lbs
20172 Door Sahara3.6 LAutomatic3.212,000 lbs200 lbs
20172 Door Sahara3.6 LAutomatic3.733,500 lbs350 lbs
20172 Door Rubicon3.6 LManual4.103,500 lbs350 lbs
20172 Door Rubicon3.6 LAutomatic3.733,500 lbs350 lbs
20172 Door Rubicon3.6 LAutomatic4.103,500 lbs350 lbs
20174 Door Sport3.6 LManual3.212,000 lbs200 lbs
20174 Door Sport3.6 LManual3.733,500 lbs350 lbs
20174 Door Sport3.6 LAutomatic3.212,000 lbs200 lbs
20174 Door Sport3.6 LAutomatic3.733,500 lbs350 lbs
20174 Door Sahara3.6 LManual3.212,000 lbs200 lbs
20174 Door Sahara3.6 LManual3.733,500 lbs350 lbs
20174 Door Sahara3.6 LAutomatic3.212,000 lbs200 lbs
20174 Door Sahara3.6 LAutomatic3.733,500 lbs350 lbs
20174 Door Rubicon3.6 LManual4.103,500 lbs350 lbs
20174 Door Rubicon3.6 LAutomatic3.733,500 lbs350 lbs
20174 Door Rubicon3.6 LAutomatic4.103,500 lbs350 lbs

The above chart shows the maximum trailer weight ratings towable for your given drivetrain.

Once you know the maximum trailer weight your Jeep Wrangler can tow, you must determine the gross weight of your trailer.  The gross weight is the weight of your travel trailer plus any water, food, clothing or other supplies being stored in the trailer while it is being towed.  Water weighs approximately 8 lbs (8.35 lbs) per gallon.  Clothing, food, and linens also add weight.  These weights must be calculated into the trailer to ensure you are safely within the limits for your Jeep Wrangler.

The best way to make sure you are correctly identifying your particular vehicles towing capacity is to contact the dealer or to refer to the Jeep Wrangler Service Manual for the particular year of your vehicle.  This manual will provide the necessary information in determining exactly what your Jeep Wrangler is capable of towing.

Jeep Wrangler Service Manuals from 2010 – 2017:

2017 Jeep Wrangler Service Manual

2016 Jeep Wrangler Service Manual

2015 Jeep Wrangler Service Manual

2014 Jeep Wrangler Service Manual

2013 Jeep Wrangler Service Manual

2012 Jeep Wrangler Service Manual

2011 Jeep Wrangler Service Manual

2010 Jeep Wrangler Service Manual

What are some travel trailers I  can tow with a Jeep Wrangler?

A lower maximum towing capacity of a Jeep Wrangler limits the travel trailers which can pair with your Jeep.  There are still plenty of travel trailer options available.  A great option for Jeep Wrangler owners may be a pop-up travel trailer.   With a little research, the adventure can rank high for those who choose a camping adventure with their Jeep Wrangler.

A pop-up travel trailer is a towable unit which can be collapsed for easy storage and tow.  Most pop-up travel trailers have tented or canvas type walls.  Sleeping areas often pull out and slide out from the main unit, creating a larger living space when opened.  Some up-up travel trailer does offer hard-wall options, but these units are considerably heavier and may not fall within the towing capacity of most Jeep Wranglers.

Pop-up travel trailers offer Jeep Wrangler owners a variety of floor plans and options which can be perfect for starting a great outdoor adventure.  Jeep Wrangler owners can keep to the basics with units which provide only modest sleep areas and shelter.  Units can also offer some of the comforts of home with cooking facilities or restroom facilities.  For Jeep Wrangler owners, the biggest draw to a pop-up travel trailer is the lower weight of these units.

Pop-Up Travel Trailer Options:

2018 Jayco Jay Series Sport 12 UD

The Jayco Sport 12UD can sleep up to 8 people and includes two slide-out sleeping areas, a u-shaped dinette, storage areas, and a kitchen cabinet (cooking area).

2018 Jayco-12UD
2018 Jayco-12UD – JAYCO, INC
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight – 1875 lbs
  • Gross Vehicle Weight – 2750 lbs
  • Cargo Capacity – 875 lbs
  • MSRP – $13,044
2018Flagstaff 206STSE

The Flagstaff 206STSE can pack some great features in such a small, lightweight unit.  Two pull out tented sleeping areas provides sleeping areas.  These sleeping areas are supplemented by a gaucho (convertible) bed.  This unit has a dinette which can convert to a sleeping area or pull out to provide an extended table.  There is an optional refrigerator which can be included in the galley style kitchen area.  A portable toilet provides amenities for the late night calls of nature.

2018 Flagstaff-206ST
2018 Flagstaff-206ST – Forest River Inc.
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight – 2180 lbs
  • Gross Vehicle Weight – 2904 lbs
  • Cargo Capacity – 724 lbs
  • MSRP – $15,533
2018 Livin’Lite Quick Silver 10.0

The Livin’Lite Quick Silver 10.0 is the low frills, high quality, lightweight option for the adventurous Jeep Wrangler Owner.  The Quick Silver 10.0 provides two flip-out bunks, a dinette, and a kitchenette with an option for LP gas cooking.  Livin’Lite also provides some smaller models with

2018 Livin-Lite QuickSilver-10.0
2018 Livin-Lite QuickSilver 10.0 Living Lite RVs
  • Unloaded Vehicle Weight – 1,106 lbs
  • Gross Vehicle Weight – 2,090 lbs
  • Cargo Capacity – 984 lbs
  • MSRP – $11,716
2018 Sylvan Sport GO

The Sylvan Sport GO boasts itself as “the most advanced camping trailer in the world.”  The Go is a utility vehicle, gear hauler, and a camper all in one.  GO floor plans can comfortably accommodate 1-4 people with the ability to haul all the gear you will need for a great outdoor adventure.   A noteworthy feature of the GO is the ability to accept most Thule accessories which will provide ample options when it comes to carrying along all of your gear.

2018 Sylvan GO
2018 Sylvan GO – Sylvan Sports
  • Only 840 lbs
  • MSRP – $9,999

There are a wide variety of pop-up travel trailer options available.  If the cost seems high on newer units, there are plenty of used pop-up options available as well.

Rent or Borrow a Pop-up First

One way to know for sure if you can be comfortable towing a pop-up travel trailer with your Jeep is to rent one or borrow one from a friend.  Prior to purchasing my first pop-up trailer, I borrow one from a friend.  He had what I thought was the perfect setup.  I realized what I wanted, and didn’t want in my travel trailer.  I also was able to get a feel for how comfortable I was towing with my Wrangler.  Renting or borrowing allows you to try before you buy.

You will still need to look at the weight of the trailer and make sure you can tow it.  Make sure you check with the owner and make sure you fully understand the weight, loading and other variables which affect towing.

Not everyone has a friend willing to give up their trailer for a weekend.  So if you’re looking for a camper rental for your next trip? You can book now here!

What are hard-wall travel trailer options there for my Jeep Wrangler to tow?

Hard-wall travel trailer owners enjoy the benefit of security and shelter from the chillier nights in the outdoors.   A hard-wall option is very attractive to the casual outdoorsman which may come at the cost of heavier weight compared to a traditional pop-up, which may limit the options available to a Jeep Wrangler owner.

There are a number of small, compact trailers on the market today which make great use of space to provide some great conveniences to the outdoor adventurer.

Lightweight, hard-wall travel trailer options include pop-up “A-frame” type units, fully enclosed travel trailers, teardrop trailers, and hybrid travel trailers.

 Pop-Up Hard-Wall A-Frame Types

A hard-wall or hard-side pop-up folds down into a compact towable unit just like its tent style cousin.  These hard-sided units have fold-out hard shells which come together to assemble to a unit which resembles an A-frame style home.  Many of these units offer galley kitchens and bathroom facilities.

One example of a pop-up hard-wall travel trailer is the Rockwood AT 212HW.  Of considerable value, this unit boasts a 60×80 flip up bed, a galley, outdoor grill, and a family size dinette all for an unloaded vehicle weight of 2,526 lbs.

Rockwood 212HW
Rockwood 212HW – Forest River

Lightweight Fully Enclosed Travel Trailer

There are also a number of manufacturers who produce conventional hard-wall travel trailers which are light enough to be towed by a Jeep Wrangler.  These units make for great RVing by efficiently using the available space to craftily include many of the amenities found at home.

A  favorite lightweight travel trailer is the R-POD by Forest River.  The R-POD comes in a variety of floorplans.  Many of these units offer galley kitchens, 60X80 sleeping areas, dinettes, and bathrooms.

Compared to pop-up travel trailers and hard-wall pop-ups, these units can lean a little toward the limits of a Jeep Wrangler’s towing capacity.  Some R-PODs can be found within the weight limits of the higher performing Jeep Wranglers.  The R-POD model RP-171 comes in at an unloaded vehicle weight of 2,342 lbs.

R-POD RP-171
R-POD RP-171 – Forest River INC.

Teardrop Travel Trailers

Teardrop travel trailers have become more popular recently.  These units are designed for people who want to spend their camping trips in the outdoors yet still want the option to return to solid sleeping quarters off the ground.  These units can, when configured well, provide many of the amenities found at home.  Many options can be packed into a small unit to the floorplan.  Many of the teardrop style travel trailers have the cooking facilities moved to the outside rear area, allowing more sleeping space inside.  Jeep Wrangler owners will find this type of travel trailer a great option to bring a little more “glamping” to their camping trip.

Many of the teardrop travel trailers utilize the interior space solely for sleeping quarters and a few storage areas.  The T@B 400 teardrop travel trailer by NÜCamp makes great use of the space and allows a restroom and cooking area to be inside the unit.  Onboard entertainment can even be found in this unit.  The T@B 400 weights in right at the upper limit of the Jeep Wrangler’s towing capacity at a dry weight of 2,690 lbs with a gross weight of 3,500 lbs.  With an MSRP of around $28,000, it may be on the higher side in terms of cost but it really does pack in the features.

T@B400 – T@B NuCampRV


Just because the Jeep Wrangler is not capable of towing a decked out travel trailer, you can still find GreatRVing if you do a little shopping around.  There are great units being manufactured today which can be towed to the outdoor destination of your choice using your Jeep Wrangler.

Please be sure to check with your dealer to find the exact weight your Jeep Wrangler is capable of towing.  Once the question of towing is settled, begin your search by determining the exact needs of you and your fellow travelers.  Prepare a list of “must haves” and “would like to have” before setting out on your search.

As always, do your due diligence and find enjoys some GreatRVing.

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